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Medical device of class IIb (according to the European directive about medical devices RL 93/42/EWG with a CE-label 0044)

Areas of application:

    gamma-irradiation of:

  • Blood and blood derivatives
  • Cell cultures
  • Transplants

Gamma-irradiation prevents the partitionability of immunocompetent cells. The transmission of these cells, without irradiation, can cause serious and often mortal complications – Graft-versus-host-disease (GVHD) – for immunodeficient patients.

Other fields of application

    exist in the scope of radiobiological research:

  • In-vitro-analysis of radiosensitivity of peripheric and modulated blood cells
  • Identification of histocompatibility via an analysis of the lymphocyte culture
  • Analysis – after irradiation – of the molecular mechanism in the case of diseases which are connected with a defect of the enzyme system.

Standard equipment

The self-shielded GSR C1 contains up to 3 Cs-137 sources with a maximum total activity of 120 TBq. The half-life period of Cs-137 is about 30,2 years.

User Friendly

The entire GSR C1 operation is carried out easily using a touchscreen. This enables the direct selection of irrradiation programs by the simplest possible means. At the same time.

Radiation protection

The dose rate of < 5 μSv/h at the surface of the irradiation device is far below the regulated limit value.

Highest Safety

The safety functions of the GSR C1 guarantee highest safety, e.g. the monitoring system, which controls the irradiation period, the rotation of the irradiation load, the position of the rotary shielding and the irradiation beaker closure.

Flexible Expansion

GSR C1 provides a variety of optional expansions to match the customer’s specific needs:

  • Inserts for specific irradiation tasks
  • PC with Software Dose Scan PRO, Barcode scanner and printer for comfortable irradiation documentation,
  • Integration of GSR C1 in a blood bank software via an optional network connection
  • Working table with integrated refrigerator
  • Observation monitor (nurse station)

Our customer service


  • Maintenance according to § 66 StrlSchV
  • Dosimetry
  • Control of medical electrical devices according to EN 62353 (DIN VDE 0751-1)


The user positions the irradiation good in the 3,8 l containing stainless steel irradiation canister and puts it in the rotatable irradiation chamber. The complete closure of the door and the position of canister are checked automatically. The opening of the door is not possible during irradiation.

At the operator panel you set the irradiation parameters. After the manual starting of irradiation the irradiation drum rotates 180° and the canister is located directly in front of the radiation sources. Parallel, the electronic control starts the rotary motion of the canister with ca. 20 rpm. Thus a homogeneous dose distribution in the irradiation canister is guaranteed. After operation time the irradiation chamber drives into the starting position and the rotation of the canister is stopped. The door can be opened and the canister can be taken out.


The irradiation device is delivered in a licensed B(U) type transport packaging.

Scope of delivery:
  • Manual
  • Dosimetry protocol
  • Certificate of the radioactive source(s) with control of leak tightness
  • Special form certificate
  • 2 irradiation canisters


The installation inclusive dosimetry is accomplished by authorised
service technicians. Regarding the assembly a room
size of minimum 2,5 m x 2,5 m is required. The floor loading
is about 5,2 t/m².

Technical Specifications

Irradiation unit  
Height 1.700 mm
Width 680 mm
Length 720 mm
Weight 2.200 kg
Floor loading 5,2 t/m²
Radiation protection Surface dose rate < 5 μSv/h
Rod sources
Radionuclide Cesium-137
Activity range 40 TBq - 120 TBq +/-20%
Dose rate in water 40 TBq |appr. 1,5 Gy/min.
60 TBq |appr. 3,0 Gy/min.
120 TBq |appr. 6,0 Gy/min.
Diameter 130 mm
Height 290 mm
Volume 3,8 l
Rotation speed approx. 20 rpm
Surface dose rate < 5 µSv/h
certificates CE, CFDA
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